Women's Fund of Hawai‘i (WFH) provides funding to organizations with programs for women and girls. We are working towards a day when all women and girls in Hawai'i are safe, financially secure, and empowered to participate fully in their communities. 

While many women are doing well in Hawai‘i, far too many women and girls in our state are not. Inequality in Hawai‘i is pervasive. Programs to help women and girls exist, but many such programs do not have sufficient funding. They, like the women and girls they serve, receive inequitable resources. This lack of funding for women's and girls' programs in not limited to Hawai‘i; throughout the country as a whole, it has been documented that programs serving women and girls receive only 1.6 percent of all national foundation philanthropic dollars.

WFH makes grants to organizations or programs that help the most vulnerable women and girls realize their potential; promote women’s financial security and girls’ strengths and leadership; address the factors that stand the way of women’s success, including violence, adolescent pregnancy, low self-esteem, physical and mental health problems, substance abuse, prostitution, incarceration, immigrant status, homophobia, inadequate childcare, sports inequities, reproductive rights, poverty, disabilities and racism; build on the gifts, strengths and assets of women and girls; and promote their well-being. When women thrive, families and communities flourish.


Women's Fund of Hawai'i issues a Request for Proposal twice annually, in the Spring and the Fall. Applications are accepted online via our web site for approximately one month, after which they are scrutinized and thoroughly vetted by our Grants Committee. This Committee consists of up to 11 women community members from a variety of backgrounds, including our Executive Director and Grants Chair (a WFH Board member); certain WFH Board members; women who work or have worked with non-profits and/or grantmaking and writing in Hawai'i, nationally, and internationally; women who hold advanced degrees in public health, social work and law, to name a few. 


To address the extraordinary circumstances and hardship created by the Covid-19 health and economic crisis, WFH seeded an Emergency Fund (C19EF), raised and continues to raise money for the fund to support Hawai‘i non-profits on the frontlines of the crisis. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and reviewed by committee on a weekly basis. Thus far programs and organizations that have received WFH C19EF support address violence against women and children; keeping women and children housed during the crisis and beyond; continuing substance abuse programs for newly unemployed women; basic food and health issues; and more.

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